Welcome to MeissaMama!

An Edu-tainment Platform designed to build community through progressive and entertaining content for children, caregivers and families globally. In the current times of corona, with children out of schools and at home, with working mothers and fathers now asked to work from home, with communities across the globe practising social distancing and lockdown to slow down the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, MeissaMama will focus on providing edu-taining content and resources for home learning for children, caregivers and families with a whole lot of love!

For starters we are doing daily uploads of Urdu storytelling for kids ! Its full of fun, joy, laughter, gentle lessons to be learnt rather lovingly and most importantly it focuses on the understanding of the Urdu language---the preservation of which is essential in our community and to play our part in the contribution to sustaining world languages by teaching our children our mother tongue.

I give you MeissaMama with all my heart and a lot of love. Lets together spread the light !

Aamina Sheikh